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Welcome to cheese death
If u want to kno what it is about then ask me.
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Do you want me to help customise it ? I'm so bored... and I'd love to help out! =D
What is cheese death? There's NOTHING wrong with cheese!
obviously not if we made a community about it.
Holy shit the bacons on fire the only way to put it out is ! If you got an unwanted pregnancy? Tired of back alley drug deals is your savior!!! Its better than a crack whore on slimfast! Believe it or not its cheaper too! Hey kids, having trouble getting it up.. no more fun in the sack? We've got the cure for you guarentees chopped liver or your money back!! Lemme tel you somethin' i've been to concerts all over the world, and i've never seen these stupid sandals! But I have seen the greatest fucking thing on the internet !

So inclosing...hug a tree, hug a hooker, hug your knees, hug you junk, because nuclear assault is coming . . . but most importantly .. hug for that smooth comforting voice in your head.. for thoses undulating hips you been waiting for .. and maybe, if you lucky, a few laughs too! Goodnight.. and godspeed gentilemen.

Yes, what is it about?!
Yes please explain what cheese death is. I do not want to sound retarted but, I have no clue what that is?
really? no clue at all?
take a guess, u kno u want to.
it's obviosly about squid like spoons and i'm joining
um... how do i join if its ok?
hey, do you want to become a "family of communities" where all of the communities that have basically no subject? contact me!
I want to know.

Is it a vegan site? Or is it a microorgainism fan club? Or a something cheesey?

What is cheese death?